Our Offer

Every Business No Matter How Small Needs A Web Site

Black Swan narrow boat

I will write a web site for your business for just £100 a year including domain name. All you have to do is supply me with something to go on and I will do the rest!

Restaurants are a speciality but driving schools, roofers, gardeners, plumbers etc. all catered for. 

I think you will find my offer hard to beat.

Here Is One I Made Earlier.

Have a look at the web site linked below (the link will open a new TAB on your browser). This costs this business £100 a year, all in. I buy the domain name, I cover the cost of the hosting (there are free options but again it is about credibility) and I wrote their web site. All they did was give me the menu...nothing else. I did the rest.

Mey Mey Chinese Takeaway, Ruislip

Now, How Can This Be So Cheap?

My main online business is a web site I set in 2007, boatshare.co.uk which is the UK's leading web site offering for sale shares for sale in mainly narrow boats but other craft in the UK and France as well. I will be honest, the web site makes asmall profit.

However, within the overheads for the web site is the cost of hosting it, which in laymans terms means paying a company to make it appear on the Internet. Within my hosting package I can have more than one web site, so right now I have 25 (correct 2020). Some are those I have written "just for fun" and some, like the one linked above, are ones I have written for small businesses.

I am not terribly busy, call it being semi-retired, so I actually enjoy writing web sites, more really of a hobby that might bring in a penny or two. 

There is no pressure on my time. The one for the Chinese Restaurant above took me a whole week to write, and yes they only pay £100 a year, and that includes me updating it every now and again when they change their menu.

I Am Interested In Having A Web Site. What Should I Do?

It is really very easy, e-mail me. (You could call 01297 647455 but if you get the machine just ignore the message which is nothing to do with web sites!) I just need you to tell me what your business is and I can then let you know what I need from you.

You do not need to write stuff if you have other promotional material, like in the case above, a menu. I also need to know the name of your business and what domain name you might want, by example Titus Francis who have a driving school wanted www.tfdriving.co.uk which was fine. Of course if you are called John Smith and run a driving school then jsdriving.co.uk may already have been bought, so I might have to look around to find you something suitable.

Please note I am not registed for V.A.T. (I wish!)

Get started right now, click on the link below to e-mail me, or call 01297 647455

Small Print


Your web site can not be a full blown shopping web site with updates daily etc.

Reasonable changes over a year are fine, but if you are a car dealer with frequently changing stock whilst such a web site is possible then we would need to discuss charges for frequent updates. 

What I offer is more a presence on the Internet and Google etc. It can contain images and words and links and phone links and e-mail links etc. of course. You will need your own e-mail address, but you probably have one....

The charge of £100 is payable in advance and is NOT refundable, the first "year" is actually about 9 months as I need to ask if you want to renew before the domain which is bought for your for 12 months expires. 

You are responsible for the contant of your web site, you would have to proof read and confirm all is well once it has been written. I reserve the right not to add content which I regard as unsuitable, illegal, defamatory etc. 

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